How to Land the Position You Seek in Security

There are many jobs out there, and security guard positions are in high demand. If you’re seeking a career you’ll love and one that comes with great benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, group term life insurance, 401K plan, vacation, sick paid time off, employee recognition programs, and training opportunities, GSG Protective Services seeks people like you. But landing the job hinges on more than simply applying. Here are 5 top tips for getting hired as a security guard.

1. Understand what the job requires

No matter the industry or position, knowing what the job requires is vital. A deeper understanding of the position can help you craft your resume to stand out to a hiring manager. For example, if the role is an armed security officer position, it would be essential to highlight past experience in the military or law enforcement.

 2. Dress for success

Even though a security guard is not a formal role (and will likely involve a uniform), when you are invited for an interview, it’s important to have a neat and well-groomed appearance and to dress appropriately. You want to be sure to convey your professionalism. Remember, most security guard positions are public-facing roles that require presenting a positive image. Make sure your first impression demonstrates it.

3. Arrive on time

The job of a security guard requires promptness. You’ll want to demonstrate this skill from the start by being on time for your interview. Be prepared for unforeseen issues that could delay your arrival, and plan to walk in the door at least 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. Doing so will send a good message about your reliability and make a good impression.

4. Convey confidence

Being confident is imperative in the security industry. During your interview, stay calm, listen, respond thoughtfully, and take the opportunity to showcase your experiences, especially those where you were able to react quickly and calmly to emergencies in the past. 

5. Demonstrate good communication and customer service skills

There are a lot of assumptions about working in the security industry. No need to convey that you’re a tough guy or girl. And even if you have life experiences, hiring managers seek professional candidates who demonstrate a positive attitude. While it’s essential to speak clearly and explain, remember that listening is actually more important than speaking. Do your best never to interrupt and only speak after your interviewer has finished talking. Candidates who come across as approachable, genuine, and warm during an interview are more likely to be considered. Be open and explain experiences where you demonstrated excellent customer service skills. Don’t be shy about sharing if you’ve ever been awarded for such accomplishments.

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