From Aspiring Guards to Accomplished Leaders: GSG’s Commitment to Career Growth

At GSG Protective Services, we take immense pride in our team’s ability to not only provide top-notch security but also nurture the careers of our dedicated professionals. Through their unwavering commitment, determination, and the support provided by GSG, these security professionals have risen through the ranks to become shining stars in our organization.

Destiny Wellinger: A Journey of Respect and Empowerment

“Respect, professionalism, empowerment — that’s what interested me in getting to know the company and hoping that this is somewhere I’ll be long term, and I’m still here,” says Destiny Wellinger. Her story embodies the values that GSG stands for – fostering an environment where every security officer is valued and empowered to excel.

Yaneli Torres: Unlocking Opportunities and Experiences

Yaneli Torres, who has been with GSG for two years, highlights the numerous opportunities her journey has offered. “It has brought me a lot of opportunities. I’ve worked at a studio, I’ve met great people,” she shares. GSG’s diverse range of assignments provides valuable experiences for those eager to learn and grow.

Michael Brooks: Fast-Tracking Career Progression

Michael Brooks, now a supervisor in his third year, shares his surprising journey: “Coming into the company, I didn’t think I would move up this fast, but I’ve always been working, doing what they ask me to do. Earning the experience is not going to be easy. You have to make sure you do the work. It will be a great move for any security officer to come and learn and grow.”

Manuel McCoy: A Gradual Uphill Climb

Manuel McCoy, with GSG for approximately four years, reflects on his gradual rise within the company: “They are a professional company. They have positions all over L.A., and you can grow within the company; they got opportunities.” His journey serves as a testament to the possibilities GSG offers its dedicated security professionals.

Jamarion: The Supervisor with a Heart for Teaching

Jamarion, a supervisor for nearly six years, takes pride in mentoring and teaching newcomers to the security industry. “Helping people find work, get jobs, people who are new to this, making sure they have all the knowledge they need to succeed within security or within our company at least — that’s probably the best part,” he states.

Caleb Torres: Making a Change in Lives

Caleb Torres, a supervisor for approximately fourteen months, finds fulfillment in recruiting and giving people opportunities to work. “You get an opportunity to make a change in their life. That’s really rewarding because a lot of people that I’ve hired who are still working for the company, every time they see me, they’re very thankful.”

Our team is not just here to protect; we’re here to foster careers and empower individuals to reach their full potential. Join us in celebrating these rising stars who continue to shine in the security industry. Find more of these inspiring success stories that exemplify GSG’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of its security professionals on our website.

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