Creating Inclusive Atmosphere Provides Benefits, Leads to Success

Diversity and inclusion are essential for businesses today. When a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures are on board, it’s possible to be more innovative and efficient while being better at problem-solving. That’s because employees get a welcoming sense of community and, in return, are more engaged.  

While other security firms lack diversity, GSG Protective Services is dedicated to offering a more positive culture and is purposeful about infusing inclusion principles into our hiring and all our security assignments.

From the top down

GSG is proud to be a veteran and minority-owned company. Led by CEO Randy Bragg and COO Corey English, GSG leadership has more than 300 years of combined experience in security, law enforcement, and military service. Our leaders are prepared for anything and continually work to redefine security in an ever-changing world.  

There are eight executives on the Board of Directors, and minorities hold the majority of roles: 25% women, 25% African American, 25% Latino, and 12.5% Asian. The diverse breakdown of the management team is 39% women, 44% Hispanic, 28% African American, 22% White, and 6% Asian. 

Hiring Everyday Heroes

In addition to a seasoned leadership team with decades of security, law enforcement and/or military experience to guide our clients through any situation, GSG recognizes that each situation presents unique demands and requirements. That’s why it’s vital to have diverse talent. Heroes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with different histories and experiences.

We actively seek, hire, and train people from different ethnic, racial, and cultural walks of life. We respect and value diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. GSG loves to bring on fellow veterans who have established experience and skills, but we also welcome others, including applicants who may only have the desire to pursue a career in security but little or no prior experience. 

Extensive training is provided for all officers before, after, and throughout their assignments. Many advanced classes are offered at no cost to GSG officers. 

In addition to a powerful, trained, and knowledgeable workforce, we use world-class, cutting-edge technology that adds another level of diversity to what we deliver to our valued clients. Drones, robotics, and alarm systems are some security technology that provides the best security options for client teams and facilities.

Why GSG is important to clients

Organizations that do not have an internal diversity plan are not being diverse. Hiring a minority-owned company like GSG is beneficial to their overall operations. Being inclusive leads to a thriving workforce that changes our future and empowers us all. The GSG security program meets all our client needs, and we pride ourselves in designing programs that meet expectations with a diverse team of experts.

Join GSG today

GSG Protective Services is a full-service provider of high-quality security services. We believe that it’s not work when you do a job you love every day. Finding rewarding security jobs and working for and alongside others who value your talents is not a pipe dream. Earn competitive pay, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, group term life insurance (GTL), 401K plan, vacation, sick paid time off (STO), employee recognition programs, training opportunities, and advancement.

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