Fitness Tips for Security Jobs

Security guard jobs require officers to respond to the unexpected quickly and effectively. Because guards are tasked with ensuring the safety of the people around them is not compromised, it is vital to stay healthy and be physically fit. To maintain overall wellness, here are some tips on how security guards can stay fit.  

You are what you eat

Everything you learned in grammar school about having a healthy diet still rings true. Wellness begins with proper nutrition. When you make healthy food choices, it not only helps your physical fitness but keeps you mentally sharp. As tempting and easily accessible junk food may be, do your best to avoid it. Carbohydrates and sugar may offer quick bursts of energy, but they lead to weight gain and sluggishness. Eat a high-protein diet to give you strength and feast on foods that provide essential vitamins and minerals. Also, remember the importance of hydration and drink water throughout the day.

Change things up

Some security jobs require hours of sitting or standing. It is essential for security guards to change posture or position during their shifts. In order to be ready and react to situations, it is important to keep your body from stiffening. Moving when you can also keeps your mind sharp, especially on late night assignments when long hours of sitting can make you lethargic or sleepy.

Appreciate the stretch

Stretching may seem an incredibly simple effort, but don’t underestimate its importance. Sitting or standing for a long time can lead to tightened muscles. Because you always want to be ready to react in your role as a security guard, you don’t want to be in a situation where your ability to walk or run is impeded. Thus, however basic a stretch may seem, take time to help promote and maintain muscle strength and flexibility.

Make the most of your breaks

While it is important to tend to bio needs during a break such as eating or going to the bathroom, those precious moments of breaktime can also be used to focus on your overall health and wellness. For example, security officers with indoor assignments should go outside to get some fresh air and sunshine. Get in a few minutes of exercise by climbing stairs, taking a walk, or do some deep breathing.

Stay active while off duty

Having good eating and exercise habits at home helps you maintain consistency during work hours. Head to the gym to lift weights and increase your strength. Do your best to get good sleep and take advantage of downtime so you can be refreshed and focused on the job. When you practice a regime while you’re off the clock, your hard work and dedication will come through when you are on the clock.

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