Top Security Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Business

While your holidays may be focused on family, friends, and festivities, criminals are more interested in taking advantage of your seasonal distraction. Don’t let criminals change your holiday from Ho, Ho, Ho! to Oh, No, No! There are ways to fight back and steps to take to increase protection for you and your business. Here are a few tips to consider this holiday season.

No low-hanging fruit (cake)

The first step to protecting your business is to be aware that criminals are out there. Do not make anything easy for them. Be smart during a busy holiday season. Keep money bags, expensive items, and valuables out of sight. Never leave the cash register unattended. Thieves will find the paths of least resistance and will take advantage of any simple mistake on your part.

Gather together

Meet with your employees and make sure they are aware of their surroundings. Employees working alone are the most vulnerable, so buddy up as much as possible. Have at least two people for all shifts, especially for opening and closing shifts.

Remind employees to pay extra attention to details. Maintain visibility throughout the business as much as possible. Notice the clientele. If someone or a group of people seem to return numerous times, they may be casing the location. Take notice of anyone who seems to linger, especially around closing time.

Consider seasonal change

Take note of the layout of your business or store. During the holiday, consider rearranging anything that would otherwise obscure views. Make sure it is possible to see the front door and that there are no hidden areas where someone could sit or stand unnoticed. 

Criminals like to watch patterns. During the holidays, consider switching routines to deter anyone from casing the business. For example, switch the times cash is removed from the till or taken to the bank.

Camera care

There’s nothing worse than going to your surveillance equipment after something has happened only to learn the camera was damaged or not working. Security cameras can deter potential crimes and capture important information only if they are working. Check all equipment and post additional signage to let patrons know they are being monitored.

Access control

Many retail businesses increase stock during the holidays. Thieves are aware of this fact and will try to gain entry via any possible opening to get to it. Restrict access and verify visitors to improve security and protect inventory. Limit access, keep back doors locked, use roped-off areas, or create an “Employees Only” area to control unauthorized movement.

Beef up security

GSG Protective Services is a full-service provider of high-quality security services. Having unarmed or armed security guards on site can help deter crime. Because our team is growing, we are hiring. Take a look at job opportunities this holiday season.