Requirements for a Leadership Role

A security guard is often the first responder to a situation during an emergency. Working in a security position is serious business. While a good security guard should be well-trained and possess skills and knowledge to identify and prevent security risks, an effective security leader has additional qualities that put them ahead of the pack.

Sometimes the best Everyday Heroes are so good at their security guard duties that they underestimate their other talents. At GSG Protective Services, we recognize them and know they should be in security guard supervisor roles. Our supervisors manage a team of security guards in a constantly evolving security industry. In addition to excelling at daily activities, these leaders know how to guide a team and live up to expectations that make a great security guard supervisor.

Effective communication skills

While it’s essential to have critical thinking skills and be knowledgeable about risks and dangers, it’s vital to be able to share information appropriately. Effective communication skills are crucial for preventing or diffusing dangerous situations, resolving issues, and conveying information to team members. Whether it is necessary to give directions, report an incident, or communicate responsibilities, the success (or failure) of an operation often comes down to effective communication.

Maintaining honesty and integrity

GSG Protective Services is recognized for its ethics. Team members, subsidiaries, and subcontractors are expected to adhere to the principles and procedures established by our Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics embodies our commitment to conduct business professionally, ethically, and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

We have a commitment to serve all our clients well, and all possible efforts are made to contribute to the success of the client. A great security guard supervisor will be able to act fairly, handle sensitive information, be discreet, honest, and lead by example. GSG only hires and promotes those who display these qualities on and off duty.

Be a motivator

A motivational leader knows how to inspire a team with passion and enthusiasm. Serving in a security guard role can mean exhausting hours and stressful situations. A great security guard supervisor will have the skills to make people feel valued, recognize hard work, encourage a team member’s potential, and inspire them to be the best and do their best. Solid leadership fosters motivation that can empower a team.

Show your stuff

GSG Protective Services is a full-service provider of high-quality security services. We are expanding our reach, quickly growing, and hiring now! Interested in becoming a security supervisor? Join GSG today! Contact us and share information about your top qualities. Phone 855-371-5300 or click here.